About me

3selfiesI’m Brandi, an electrical engineering PhD student, mom of one, U.S. Coast Guard veteran, former social worker, certified scuba diver, FAA licensed drone pilot, and lifelong learner. I love finding new projects I can do with my five year old son and subscribe to the philosophy that if you can’t explain it to a child, you don’t understand it well enough.

My concentrations are in electromagnetics and signal processing, especially as they apply to remote sensing and GNSS. My research interests center on remote sensing for Earth science applications and I’m currently aiding in the development of a next generation GNSS-reflectometry receiver supported by NASA’s Instrument Incubator Program. I hope to use this website as an outlet for my passions for learning and sharing knowledge in science and engineering!

The above images of me were created with a combination of Microsoft Word image filters and MATLAB’s imadjust() function. Enjoy the site!